Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Three-Year Peekaboo

Writers Crushing Covid-19

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted, like three whole years. It's entirely possible that I've forgotten how all this works.

I'd love to know how everyone is doing. Please, bring me up to speed. What have you accomplished? Started? Stopped? Any great things happen lately? Bad things? Made any momentous choices?

In Jeff news: My Flowers For a Dead Man story was included in the Writers Crushing Covid-19 anthology, available via Amazon and others. (All proceeds go to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.) This effort was undertaken by the Piedmont Authors Network, a local writing group to which I belong.

I even did a reading of my story via Crowdcast back in August--a first for me. Numerous contributors assembled to read for the cause on three consecutive Saturdays. (I was the final reader in week #2.) There were some great readings all three weeks, certainly worth the viewing time.

Noir at the Bar

  • Week #1:
  • Week #2:
  • Week #3:

And of course, my own personal goddess, Isis, allows me to serve and adore her as is only befitting her station (and mine). Better than six years running now, so she's got me rather well trained.

Isis will abide your adoration as well

I'm still writing; actually, I'm rewriting "book one" of my epic fantasy. I'm still sketching and painting with acrylics, although whether I'm improving is debatable. I've also been dabbling with digital art and 3D Modeling. It's all quite fun and relaxing. Here's a sampling of my dabbling.

But mainly, I just wanted to drop in and say howdy to everyone, send out my hopes and wishes that your health and happiness has flourished despite everything 2020 has thrown our way. Never give up. Never give in. No matter what. Character is forged, not adopted. You don't get diamonds without a whole lot of pressure.
Stay safe!
Remain positive!
And write the world that suits you!

 - Jeff


  1. I've been on a hiatus for a few months. Today was my return to making my rounds, which turns out to be very serendipitous! So glad to see you back on the blog. Even gladder (is that a word? Should I go with happier?) to see you've been creating. Congratulations on the new book. I love the painting too. You're such a talented guy!

    What has happened with me...hmmm...I'm back to work. Still writing. My boys are growing up. I have college graduates now, so that makes me feel a good bit older. LOL. I can't think of all the stuff. You'll just have to stick around so we can catch up.

    1. Thanks. Things feel a bit different when all the kiddies are no longer kiddies. Gets even stranger when they start making their own kiddies. (Of course, that's when things really get awesome.) I will stick around as best I can. It seems every new day dawns with fewer minutes than the day that preceded it.

      And congratulations on FLIP MY HEART! Dynmite Dragon Diaz did a dandy deed with that cover!

  2. Good to hear from you, Jeff! That's cool your story was picked for the anthology. Looks like you are getting good at the digital art.
    I've worked through the whole mess this year. IWSG still going strong and I await critiques from my test readers on my next manuscript.

    1. I can relate, Alex. I too have been working straight through this--albeit from home, which is currently scheduled to remain the case until at least April. So glad IWSG is still thriving. And congrats on your manuscript!

  3. Hi Jeff! It sounds like you have been busy as a writer. When you aren't serving Isis, of course.

  4. Replies
    1. Missed the smiles I'd get upon reading those three words. :)

  5. I actually don’t remember you at all, but welcome back!

  6. I would dare to say yes, you have improved on the painting side. It's really good that you kept practicing those painting skills, besides, if my memory doesn't betray me, the acrylics you bought were not cheap so it would be a waste that you didn't use them. The black and white studies are good too. Also glad to hear you have kept writing! I think I remember having read Flowers for a Dead Man a long time ago. I paused writing for many years but I have been practicing drawing and sculpting. It's fun. :)

    1. Thanks for the compliments and encouragement. I shall continue practicing. After all, improving without doing is impossible. You did indeed read that story a long time ago. Sculpting, huh? That sounds intriguing.

  7. Nice painting. You're mastering all the elements of a good landscape painting. And publishing your writing, too. You're making the most of your talents. I'm happy for you.

    1. Thanks, Richard. Had a look at all the paintings you have available. Appears you've been a busy little boy too. Nice work!