Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All I Ask

Today is the thirty-first anniversary of our wedding. Even the holidays don't rival the depth and breadth of emotions this day brings. Rarely do I publicly expose my deepest yearnings, but today my mind allowed my heart its say.

All I Ask
By Jeff Hargett

I became who I am due largely to her
I found in life what some have sought in vain
But with her gone and me now incomplete
This sorrow I feel will forever remain

I will not get over it nor will I simply move on
Don't say it's time for my mourning to end
My wife was my life and shall always be so
To behave otherwise is to merely pretend

Time is powerless and has never healed all wounds
Nor is it an ointment for mending a shattered heart
There is no salve or balm that heals the soul
Certainly not one so utterly torn apart

No longer shall I apologize for grieving what I've lost
If my tears cause you discomfort just look the other way
I'm coping and adapting the very best I can
And count it a victory when I survive another day

Perhaps I should be stronger. Perhaps you think me weak
Perhaps you think my sorrow is merely one of choice
Remember, some say. Just pray, I've been told too
Why am I not permitted to give my heart a voice

I ask of you no miracles, nor state any demands
It's not a problem that I expect you to solve
Her absence is nothing you or anyone can fix
So of that obligation, consider yourself absolved

This path is mine and its length I'll walk
There isn't anything that you need to say
All I ask of you is this one simple thing
Just hold my hand while I make my way