Sunday, August 13, 2017

First comes painting, Then comes sketching

While enjoying my new acrylics hobby, I started a painting and decided I wanted to include a dragon statue in one of them. There was, though, a hurdle I had to overcome. I don't know how to paint a dragon. I pondered a bit and realized I didn't know how to draw a dragon either.

So, I picked up Michael Dobrzycki's The Art of Drawing Dragons, Mythological Beasts, and Fantasy Creatures at Michael's. I opened its pages, grabbed a sketchbook, and took a very deep breath. I vowed to not cower before the intimidating task at hand.

Much to my astonishment, they turned out better than I expected. I've still not painted a dragon yet, but I have now drawn a few. And I will draw more. I can use the practice.

And for your amusement, here are the ones I've done, shown in the order I did them. (I've captioned each drawing with the title used by the book.)

Fire Dragon

Storm Dragon







(Just a bare naked tree -- not from the book)

So, I guess I've acquired two new hobbies this year.