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All the links below point to posts on this site that were written by others.  I do love playing host for folks who love to entertain, encourage, inspire and inform.  Spend some time browsing the linked posts.  You'll be glad you did!

If you'd like to be a guest on my humble little blog then drop me a line.  Just bear in mind that my blog rests in a "family friendly" corner of bloggyland.

Elizabeth Seckman - Defying Reason
James I Marino - Q & A Interview
Nikolas Baron - Publishing Considerations
Elizabeth Seckman's Visit Is What Fate Intended
KateMarie Collins - Son of Corse Blog Tour
Elsie Park - Medieval Weapons & Shadows of Valor
Cassie Mae - Friday Night Alibi
Martin Willoughby - The Evolution Of A Character
Tara Tyler - Pop Travel
Theresa M Jones - Hope - Blog Tour
Ellie Garratt - Passing Time
Dr. Heath Sommer - Horror and Psychological Thrillers
James Wymore - Settings With Meaning
Theresa M. Jones - ...And POWER Emerges!
Liesel K Hill - Persistence of Vision Blog Tour
Bob Brady - Getting Published in 2013
Elizabeth Seckman - Healing Summer Cover Reveal and Telling Lies
Carol Kilgore - Solomon's Compass Cover Reveal
Jessica McKendry - From the Ashes Cover Reveal
Cherie Reich - How a Review Inspired a Sequel
Cherie Reich - The Nightmare Collection Cover Reveal
Donna Hosie - The Fire of Merlin Cover Reveal
S. B. Knight: Why Write a Trilogy?
Catherine E. McLean: The Three Rules of Writing
Rayne Hall: Nine Ways to Shorten a Long Story
Alex J Cavanaugh: Successful Blogging
Angela Cothran: The Green Eyed Monster
Anthony Rudzki: Outlining: Luring Pantsers to the Dark Side
Sarah Allen: Three Writing Lessons From Dr. House
Sara Abis: Writing on a Schedule
Liesel Hill: Characters: Is it all relevant?
Ken Rahmoeller: Plot or Character?
Terry W Ervin II: Trust the Reader
Charlie Holmberg:  Finish Your Manuscript
Adam Gaylord: Animals Make a Story
Cristina dos Santos: Carving Out Writing Time
Odessa Black: Beating Writer's Block
David Powers King: What's in a Name? Much!
Lauren Ritz: The Book Rescuer & A Rainbow in Black and White
Sara Bowers: Writing: Balancing the Need and Fear
Kyra Lennon: Why I Chose to Self-Publish "Game On"
Linda Jackson: Learning How to Wait
Al Diaz: "Ken Lee" (Writing Fiction in a Foreign Language)
Imogen Elvis: The NaNoWriMo Experience
Caprice Hokstad (Author of the Ascendancy Trilogy)
Angela Ackerman: Hidden Emotion: Telling What Characters Don’t Want To Show
Daisy Carter: Is Your Friend Working on Her First Draft?
Peggy Eddleman: How Badly Do You Wish to be Published?
Richard Hughes: The Power of the Positive Reception of Criticism
Diane Fordham: The Story Teller
Sharon Bayliss: Social Media for the Anti-Social Author
A. J. Walker: Writing Military Fiction
Catherine E. McLean: The 9 Kinds of Writers
Jaq D. Hawkins (Author of the Goblin Series)
KateMarie Collins (Author of Daughter of Hauk)

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