Thursday, March 29, 2012

Books I've Read Throughout the Years

...And what they taught me...

There were many that I read. 
Here are but a few that have always stuck out in my mind.

Little Toot
This is the first book I remember reading on my own.
(Taught me that reading can be FUN.)

Charlotte's Web
(Taught me to accept the sad times and cherish the happy times.)

Chief Black Hawk
(Taught me that books can enlighten as well as entertain.)

Then I got a little older.  (Think teens)

Lord of the Rings
(This is the series that ignited my imagination--for life!)

Then I grew up
(According to everyone but Mom.)

 Wheel of Time series
(Image isn't from the first book, but this one was my favorite.)
(This is the series that made me want to WRITE!)

Sword of Truth series
(Taught me that sometimes less is more.)

The Farseer Trilogy
(Taught me that even bittersweet endings can be good.)

There you have it.  Tolkien introduced me to a world beyond our own.  I went there and got lost.  I've never found my way back.

Which books have had the biggest impact on your life?


  1. I've read most of those. Eventually gave up on Jordan because it was the series that never ended.
    Terry Brooks and his Shannara series had a big impact on me when I was a kid. Fantasy sparked my imagination and then science fiction prompted me into writing.

  2. I'm reading WoT right now (I'm on book 4). It's going to be a long summer....

    I absolutely love Mistborn. That one has really influenced me, especially with magic systems.

  3. When I was younger, I loved Enid Blyton books, particularly the Faraway Tree series. They opened up my imagination more than I ever thought possible. I credit every moment of creativity I have to those books!

  4. Excellent post, and some very good books.

    I think the books that made the most impact on me were the Little House on the Prarie books, particularly Little House in the Big Woods. Growing up in a very small, somewhat isolated community, I could relate to the way of life, and the importance of family.

    Then I discovered Scary Stories to tell in the Dark...those have had a whole other influence.

  5. I was actually hooked on poetry before I became hooked on fiction. I remember my English teacher in ninth grade quoting from Gunga Din by Rudyard Kipling. I think that's where I started. Before then, nothing.

  6. It's interesting to see the variety of books that have had significant impacts on everyone. I find it fascinating to hear who (or what) has inspired people who then choose to follow (more or less) in those footsteps.

    Many thanks for sharing!

  7. I've always loved Charlotte's Web. It brought home the whole idea of the circle of life, way before The Lion King. But two of my absolute favorites I grew up on were The Wizard of Oz (completely different from the movie version) and the best...Where the Wild Things Are (this book sparked my imagination so much that it made me want to live in a jungle)!

    Great post!

    1. Odd that you mention Wizard of Oz. While I've never read the book, I do love the movie (and the music!) so much so that it's been on my DVR for years. If I need "me time" I turn it on and my wife leaves the room. lol

      Of course, the music from Jungle Book and Little Mermaid are right up there too.

    2. Man, every October the movie is the highlight of our Halloween festivities at our house! I can't remember a year without playing The Wizard of Oz DVD!

      Let's not forget the music to Enchanted!

  8. Ooooh, I almost got WIZARDS FIRST RULE for translation for the readers in my country, but I got ERAGON instead. I did adore the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER show based on the book :)

    1. Deciding between those is a win-win situation. I thoroughly enjoyed both. I caught LEGEND OF THE SEEKER on TV quite by surprise with no clue it was to be made into a series. There was a petition floating around to bring the show back for a third season, but we know how successful those things are.


    2. I know, I was actually the part of the petition :) But it was in vain, they will never bring it back :( It's strange, since the second season was actually much better than the first one.