Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 4, 2012 Fantasy Writer's Challenge

This was the result of the March 4th, 2012 Fantasy Writer's Challenge.
The challenge:  "Get out of the house now!"

Now, there's a story behind this story...

Todd, another Fantasy Writer's group member wrote A Whale of a Tale the week before. It was about a man seeking a peaceful afternoon fishing only to be boarded by a couple of Pirates of the Caribbean clad guys in a pink paddle boat attempting to commandeer his little vessel.  Long story short, our group's members were left wondering and debating whether the man's wife had put these guys up to ruining her husband's afternoon.

Since Todd was happy allowing everyone to draw their own conclusions, I decided to tie up the loose ends the following week with my 250 word submission to the new challenge.  I did so without his permission, hence the otherwise meaningless "Unauthorized Sequel" title.  This was the conclusion I chose.

Note: I highly recommend you read Todd's A Whale of a Tale prior to reading my continuation of it.  It's short and quite amusing.  And he graciously posted it on his Todd's Shorts blog just so I could link to it for you.

The Unauthorized Sequel

"Get out of the house!  Now!  And stop sloshing all that water through my living room!"  Wanda pointed toward the door with one hand and shooed with the other.  "And take off those ridiculous clothes."

"Calm down, Wanda!  Bernie and me got paid this time!"

"Bernie?  You didn't bring him here, did you?  Where is he?  He'd better not be messing up my bathroom!"  Wanda turned and peered down the hallway.  "Bernie!  You in there?"

"Coming Wanda!"

"You better hurry it up, Bernie!"

The bathroom door opened just enough to reveal Bernie's bald head and dangling earring.  "Sorry, Wanda!  I'll be right there!"

"Good Lord, Jack, he's as stupid as you!  Where the devil have you two been anyway?  And looking like that!  Get back to the door at least!  You're dripping water everywhere!"

"We went to Teach Cove.  Got paid for it too."

"Some fool paid you to prance around in that?  In that??"

"Yeah, she gave us fifty bucks each and even rented the boat." 

Bernie came traipsing up the hall wearing nothing but his ripped, black jeans and a t-shirt.  Wanda stopped him with a hand to his chest.  What's that say, anyway? 

Bernie grinned.  "I got it this morning.  It says 'Drink Up Me Hearties!'  You like it?"

"What I'd like is for you and Captain Jack Sparrow here to get your wet butts out of my house!  Now!  And don't you come back inside either until you dry off!  You bunch of Caribbean crackpots.  And half of that fifty's mine, Jack!  You hear me?"

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