Tuesday, October 30, 2012

For NaNo Participants...

Although I will not be "officially" participating in NaNoWriMo this November, I wanted to extend a few words to those who are.

First and foremost, you have my admiration for undertaking this challenge.  I wish you success and will be cheering you along from the sidelines.

Secondly, I wrote this post to provide a little encouragement for each day of the challenge.  I hope it is of benefit.

30 Thoughts for 30 Days
  1. A prerequisite of success is believing that you will succeed.
  2. Only you can project your imagination's content into mine.
  3. You owe it to yourself to prove to yourself that you can do it.
  4. The knowledge and experience you gain from this endeavor can be gained no other way.
  5. A prolific writer prioritizes writing time.
  6. The words you write today may well be someone's inspiration tomorrow.
  7. Remember Dune. Fear is the mind killer. Accomplishments breed confidence.
  8. This is your story.  Only you can do it justice. 
  9. Foster creativity and determination in equal measure.
  10. Every word you write is an investment. It's one word closer to finishing the book and to publication. Even words you cut are a learning experience.
  11. Your strength as a storyteller builds with every word you write.
  12. Discover when you're most productive and make that time available.
  13. Spend time with those things (or people) that inspire you.
  14. Put away your thesaurus until December.
  15. Measure your success by courage and effort, not distance.
  16. Achievement without challenge is hollow.
  17. Self-discipline is the result of self-determination.
  18. A writer's mettle is revealed when the goal seems unattainable.
  19. Someone, somewhere, sometime will enjoy the words you're about to write.
  20. Inspiration grows best in the soil of desire and determination.
  21. Create your world so readers can vacation there.
  22. Don't berate yourself for falling.  Falling is acceptable.  Refusing to get back up isn't.
  23. Progress (and a novel) is made one word at a time.
  24. Words have power. When written, that power is eternal.
  25. The only time an effort truly fails is when the effort was never made.
  26. Your future is determined by the dreams you choose to pursue.
  27. Create now.  Edit later.
  28. Accepting this challenge was a choice. Completing it is also.
  29. Reward yourself for your accomplishments. You've earned it.
  30. Wonderful things begin when writers make it to "The End."
Additionally, I've linked a few of my previous posts that may encourage or aid you in this challenging endeavor.

I invite everyone, NaNo participants or not, to add their own words of encouragement to those brave writers rising to this challenge.


  1. I'm a Nano participant! Thanks for the encouraging post. 8. This is your story. Only you can do it justice.
    So true.

    1. Wishing you success and loads of progress and FUN. Write on!

  2. Helpful words for those of us not doing Nano too.

    Moody Writing

    1. I hadn't considered it from that perspective, but yes, they still apply. :)

  3. Love the thought of having some encouragement each day! I'm not doing NaNo but I'll try to let the energy kick me into high gear and see how much I can get done.

    1. Thanks, we all have work to do, NaNo or no NaNo. I've got major plotting decisions to make. We'll be creative and productive together!

  4. You do owe it to yourself to prove you can do it, even if it's only once!

  5. Awesome thoughts! I really love 11, 17, and 18. And 22! :D Great post!

    1. Great! (I had to go back and review the numbers, LOL.) I'm a firm believer in #22.

  6. I'm not doing NaNo either, but thank you for all the lovely inspiration. I love "create your world so readers can vacation there".

    1. We all need nice vacation spots, right? I mean, we create our own, but it's nice to visit others too!

  7. I'm not in the NaNo but I'll borrow the thoughts anyway. :)

    1. No need to borrow or return them, Al. They're yours for life, if you want them. That's the beauty of encouragement--and pixels. :)

  8. This is so awesome, Jeff. I'm going to use these even though I'm not NaNo-ing this month either. I'm going to tweet this blog too. I think a lot people could use this encouragement. Thanks for cheering people on.

    1. Please do! And thanks! We writers can always use a little encouragement.

  9. I'm not participating in NaNo, but these are great ideas for any time. I hope you don't mind that I printed them. :)

    1. Mind? I'm flattered and honored! If they encourage or inspire then I am most pleased.