Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Fire of Merlin - Cover Reveal!

Call me "Sir Jeff" today, for I've been inducted into knighthood.  Donna Hosie's sword rested upon my shoulders as she dubbed me a Knight of the Reveal!

The Reveal?

The Reveal of her forthcoming book's cover, of course!  Her eBook, The Fire of Merlin, second in the Return to Camelot trilogy, is scheduled for release on Amazon on the 30th of November!

The Return to Camelot trilogy continues in The Fire of Merlin.

The Fire of Merlin's Awesome Cover!
Seventeen-year-old Natasha Roth and her older brother, Arthur, are reunited once more with the Knights of the Round Table. Unfortunately their joy is not shared by Arthur’s girlfriend, “Slurpy” Samantha, whose hatred of Natasha has not been lessened by time or distance since the Roth family relocated to London.

But Natasha’s happiness is short-lived.

The knights come with ill news from Logres: a magical darkness has fallen over the land. The Lady of the Lake, Nimue, is battling against her former lover, Merlin, whom she imprisoned before the enchanted sleep. He has been freed and Natasha soon discovers that her own actions the previous year unlocked more than just a gateway between the past and the present. When “Slurpy” disappears, a frantic Arthur decides they must leave the 21st century once more and return to Camelot.

With her beloved Sir Bedivere at her side, Natasha follows the sound of the bells and leads Arthur and the knights back into Logres. But there are more than bells ringing in her head. Natasha starts to suffer from terrifying visions in which she sees the destruction of Logres.

As the darkness continues to infect the living, the people start turning on each other, accusing outsiders of witchcraft. Terrified that Natasha will be hurt, Sir Bedivere takes her, the dwarf Byron and Byron’s sister, Guinevere, into the safety of his father’s castle. Yet nowhere in Logres is free from fear and suspicion, and Sir Bedivere unwittingly leads Natasha into a terrifying chain of events in which time itself is manipulated.

Natasha must uncover the truth about the danger to Logres and those she loves. Who is the real threat to Arthur? Can myth and legend become fact? What is the secret that “Slurpy” is now hiding?

And for the love of all things holy, when will Logres invent saddles?

Searching For Arthur
I think you'll agree that the cover fits perfectly with the trilogy's first book, Searching for Arthur.

And there's more!

To celebrate the release of The Fire of Merlin, Donna will also be promoting Searching for Arthur as a free download on Amazon for four days starting November 1!

Do stop by Donna's Musings of a Penniless Writer blog and extend to her your congratulations.  Also be sure to pick up Searching for Arthur free from Amazon during the first four days of November.

And don't forget to grab a copy of The Fire of Merlin on November 30!  


  1. Wow, the covers for this series are amazing! I love how the top and bottom images contrast yet still oddly work together. Makes it all the more interesting to look at!

  2. Sir Jeff, you are the most awesomeness of knights! Thank you so much.

    1. It was my pleasure, Donna! Wishing you loads of success!

  3. I just came from this cover on another blog. Congrats to Donna, it looks awesome!

  4. Heading over to Donna's blog now. :)

  5. The covers are really nice. Just got the free copy of Searching for Arthur, if enjoy it 'll be ready for the sequel.

  6. Sir Jeff, I'll have to remember that. It's a nice cover.

  7. Sir Jeff! The covers are amazing. Honestly, sounds like the series is just as amazing!

    1. Wow, it is GOOD to see you back in circulation! I picked up my copy of Searching for Arthur a short while ago. Can't wait to dive in!

  8. Me hopest thine are well, Sir Jeff!

    I'm most impressed with Donna's book cover. And now I doth ramble.

    Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot walked into 'Yee Olde Inn'. "My good innkeeper. We require a room for two knights.", said Sir Lancelot. "That is fine. You can pay for your lodgings upon your departure." replied the innkeeper. The next morning, Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot, approached the innkeeper. "My good man" said Sir Galahad, "we wish to pay for our lodgings." Looking rather perplexed, the innkeeper responded, "Oh, I thought you wanted a room for two nights?"

  9. Nice review, and it certainly sounds like an interesting series. I'm a Merlin/Arthur fan. The book cover is fabulous!