Saturday, December 13, 2014

Heavenly Birthday

Today is my angel baby's Heavenly birthday. Myra would have been 55 today and this would have been her 30th birthday as my wife.

Were she beside me, I'd be ribbing her about speed limits and leaving me in the dust. I'd be taking her out for a night on the town followed by a quiet evening at home. I'd be turning on the charm, giving her winks and probably sneaking a pinch or two while flashing my best grin.

I'd definitely be giving her a tight embrace and cherishing the moment. There'd be a gift or two from me. I'd hand them to her along with my heart.

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Myra!

Card #1 - Envelope

Card #1 - Cover

Card #1 - Inside A

Card #1 - Inside B

Card #2 - Envelope

Card #2 - Cover

Card #2 - Inside A

Card #2 - Inside B


  1. It isn't given to many of us to find our soul mates. You were, you are blessed.
    Hugs (and a tear or two).

  2. Happy birthday, Myra.
    She couldn't have found a more devoted husband than you, Jeff.

  3. Happy birthday Myra. Alex is right.

  4. Happy heavenly birthday, Myra. Those cards are beautifully written.

  5. Happy Birth Day Myra.
    I think she's smiling down on you and telling all the other souls there that you're the best husband ever! :)

  6. Dear Jeff - it's not easy for you .. but Myra would just love, love your thoughts and would remember the years together and all those times you've experienced ... all the very best and a peaceful quiet easy time in the next few weeks taking you into 2015 and another year - happy memories ... Hilary

  7. This is so beautiful, Jeff.

  8. Myra couldn't have found a more loving, devoted and adoring husband. You two were made for each other: soul mates for several lifetimes.

  9. You're the most devoted husband. Hugs Jeff!

  10. A belated happy birthday to Myra - so many people go through life never knowing what it's like to have their soulmate, you were both so lucky to find each other xx

  11. I'm sorry I missed her b'day - happy belated birthday to you Myra! x

  12. Dear human, Jeff,

    Your beloved Myra on the anniversary of her birthday is a poignant reminder of the love you will always share. Bless you both, my remarkable human friend.

    On behalf of my human, Gary.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog.

  13. Grief and loss never leave us, totally. Dec. 12 was the "anniversary" of my brother Bill's death. It has been 15 years, but I think of him every day.

    Love never changes--it grows with time.

  14. How poignant, Jeff!
    Thanks for Blitzing me. ;-)