Monday, July 17, 2023

To Live and Love

To live and love for the both of us
Ten years ago today I made that vow
I've struggled in the decade since
Not always knowing exactly how

Ten years you've been beyond my reach
But death can't take you from my heart
The best of you dwells within me
As you have from our love's start

I've done what I believed impossible
Rediscovered joy without my bride
I carry on living for us just like I vowed
Despite the ache that lingers inside

Much has changed in the past ten years
And much has remained largely the same
Your kids are healthy and happy
Loving their mother like an eternal flame

Your grandboys are nearly adults now
And I weep you never saw them grow
But they do remember their Maw Maw
As their words and expressions show

I'm a "me" post-we now
And I endeavored to learn what that meant
But much of me was shaped by you
In all those years together we spent

So yes, I vowed to live and love for us both
The loving's been easy, the living not so much
But no matter my task or cast of eyes
I still experience your love-filled touch

Always yours, Angel Baby,
- Jeff


  1. Heartfelt and beautiful. Thank you. And thank you for the life you have lived for her.

  2. That was beautiful, Jeff. So sorry you've had to do it alone.

    1. Thanks, Alex. In the end, grief is a road we all travel alone, no matter how many are holding our hand along the way.