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Mark Steve Reviews Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Julius Caesar by Shakespeare
(A Perfect Example of Renaissance Age)

Review by Mark Steve

Renaissance age was the period when people started taking interest in the old classics, and a lot of new literature was written. This was the period of artistic and cultural movement. The renaissance clothing, art and literature, are still popular among a number of people. The name of Williams Shakespeare is the most popular among the literary figures of that period. He provides us various wonderful dramas, which are played in various parts of the world.

He used a number of themes throughout his careers. He also paid attention towards some historical concepts. ‘Julius Caesar’ is one of his most popular treatises. The story of this play focuses on the famous Roman general Julius Caesar. The first part of the story is based on a conspiracy against the general. Caesar’s assassination is the most popular scene in the story.

Julius Caesar is cheated by his friends. Brutus is Caesar’s close friend, who is convinced by the conspirators that they are doing everything for Rome. Cassius writes letters to Brutus in different handwritings to join this conspiracy. Finally, Brutus agrees to be part of the conspiracy. Julius is killed finally, and the conspiracy is successful.

The conspirators convince the crowd that they have performed the assassination for Rome. Brutus addresses the crowd after the death of Caesar to justify his actions. But, after the speech of Brutus, Julius’s other close friend Mark Antony delivers the oration, which turns the public opinion against the killers. This speech has gained huge popularity and can be read through various online sources. The next part of the story talks about the alliance of Caesar’s adopted son Octavius and Mark Antony. In the end, they had a battle with Brutus and Cassius. Both Brutus and Cassius are killed in the end of the story.

The book perfectly reflects the creativity of the renaissance age. Shakespeare belonged to this era, but he described the era of the Roman republic brilliantly, which took place even before the Roman Empire. The influence of old classics can also be witnessed vividly on Shakespeare’s literature. On the other hand, he also used some new innovation in his time.

The play has a lot of things that strike the readers or audiences. Antony’s true friendship is an admirable thing. It adds an inspirational touch to the story. Besides, the ways in which he convinces the people is worth reading. His speech can really be a source of motivation for the orators.

Shakespeare’s plays also provide a glimpse of renaissance clothing styles; however, this drama takes us to the pre-medieval times. Moreover, this play is perfect for reading in the form of the book also, and it gives the novel-like joy to the readers. It has also played a prominent role in increasing the popularity of Julius Caesar.

About Mark Steve:

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  1. I kept trying to think of something smart to say but all I came up with is-Awesome!

  2. I read Shakespeare novels since it was introduced to me in school. Now that I am older, I appreciate them more. Shakespeare is a genius.

  3. I read Julius Caesar and I agree with you. Mark Anthony's speech to the crowd is superb. I loved it.