Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Surfing

Daily overtime at work all week and wading through meticulous revisions in The Bonding unfortunately didn't leave me much time to scout for many articles.  However, you may find these interesting.

Be sure to tune back in later this week. Catherine Everett (who wrote the 9 Kinds of Writers post) will be my guest again with another interesting article on Thursday.  And I have the great pleasure of announcing that her paranormal romance, KARMA AND MAYHEM is now available from Soul Mate Publishing!  Be sure to send her a congratulatory woohoo or two!

Poets & Writers Submission Calendar for writing contests, grants, and other literary awards

The Six Biggest Mistakes Made by Self-Published Authors

How Nitpicky Do We Need to Be With Our Manuscripts?

Anatomy of a Best-Selling Novel—Structure Part One (and continues with Structure Part 2–Plot Problems)

The No. 1 Tip of Successful Writers

Fantasy Book Publishers  (All of these publishers are considering manuscript proposals.)


  1. Replies
    1. Sounds like fun! (I may have to start with the kiddie waves though. hehe)

  2. Dont know why I read "the Sexiest mistakes made by Self-Published Authors". What am I thinking? I wonder....

  3. Some more great surfing here. That calendar is quite handy. Thanks!

  4. Anatomy of a Best Selling Novel is great--nothing new there, but it covers the basics quite thoroughly. And I love her analogy of the periodic table!