Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Funnies

Just a few, light thoughts to begin a fun Friday.
(I'm tired, but I tried.)

Q: How can you identify a cowardly book?
A: Yellow runs down its spine.

Q: Why do heroes always win?
A: Because they're protagonists.

Q: How is plot like pudding?
A: It's better when it thickens.

eBooks redefined light reading.

I know I've been writing too much when I begin dreaming in third person limited.

Turning the kindle upside down does not reveal the other side of the page.

I do not want your eyes glued to my book.  That makes turning the pages problematic.

Please don't make your characters jump off the page at me.  I'm old and it startles me when they do that.

Happy Friday everyone!

Please feel free to add your own Friday Funny in the comments!  I could use a good laugh.


  1. Bahaha! The plot and pudding one got me! :)

    1. And pudding is like Jell-o... Always room for a little more!

  2. Where did I put all those rotten tomatoes...

    1. I hid them before deciding to post this, of course! LOL

  3. LOL, I enjoyed reading these Oldies but Goodies. I've never thought about that on's the kind of thing that I would probably do!

    1. hehehe, with me being old and somewhat challenged when it comes to matters of coordination, I had to set my kindle-reader app preferences to not rotate. :::sigh:::