Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday Surfing

A quick note on these Sunday Surfing posts: People have asked where I find all these links, how I whittle them down to just a few, where I find the time to do it, etc.

Some links I find simply by following people's blogs.  (For example, Charlie Holmberg usually coughs up some good links on her Link Blitz posts every Friday at Myself as Written.)  Other links find their way into my email inbox or my Twitter feed.  I grab a link or two from group memberships (like Yahoo's Fantasy Writing group) or posts linked by inkPageant.

Of course, I stumble upon one here and there just by surfing too.  And when I encounter one that I think others will find useful or entertaining I do like Mom taught me.  I share.


MEDICALERT: The Scourge of Premature Submission  (Found this link thanks to Sarah Bowers.) 

Gate Crashers - The lucky 13s: 13 authors with debut novels in 2013:
Gate Crashers at Ink & Angst pt 1
Gate Crashers at Ink & Angst pt 2
Gate Crashers at Ink & Angst pt 3

Book Blogs

1st Annual $1000 Mom Blogger Scholarship for Aspiring and Existing Bloggers

4 Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

Research Links  (lots of 'em all grouped into numerous categories.)

The Hottest Tip No Fiction Writer Can Afford To Ignore  (Hint: The tip is one single word.)

The Seven Deadly Short Story Sins  (at Paperback Writer)


  1. Jeff, I've given you the Open Horizons award. Accept no limits on the way to publication.

    Come to my blog for the details